Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swingset In June

SWINGSET IN JUNE released an 8 song cassette E.P. in 1998 as a split label release between Prime Directive Records (#3) and Tribute Productions. 5 of the songs were recorded at Doubletime Studios in San Diego, while the other 3 were recorded with Paul Miner at For The Record in Orange.

By the time of the cassette's release, the band, who began in the summer of 1996 with a slightly different lineup (drums and guitar) was on the verge of breaking up. However, according to Sean Rosenthal, the band wanted something "to remember the hard work we put in over the short 2 year period" of its existence. After some discussion, Prime Directive pitched in some (or all?) of the money for the actual cassettes, while Tribute Productions did the envelopes, labels, and booklets. The cassettes were packaged in a white envelope with a booklet (designed by Paul Miner) in a one-time pressing of 200.

If I'm not mistaken, the cassettes were only sold at a single Swingset In June show, which happened to be their last - October 30, 1998 at Showcase Theater with Adamantium (release show for "From The Depths" LP), Throwdown (release show for "S/T" 7"), and Farside. Interestingly, the Swingset In June tape outsold both the Adamantium CD/LP and possibly the Throwdown 7" at this show.

Taking influences by the emo and indie bands of their day [Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Christie Front Drive, Braid], the line-up featured:

Steve - Vocals
Sean Rosenthal (Adamantium, Farside) - Bass
Garrett Link - Guitar
Brandon Love (Throwdown fill-in) - Guitar
Ken Floyd (Eighteen Visions, First Day Somber) - Drums

Here's the "S/T" E.P. for DOWNLOAD.


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

that´s what I answered already on my blog:
thanks for the compliment!

you´re right those are pics taken from your blog! but as you took my (1st) rip of this 12" and the SANGRAAL artwork I made for the 1st time I posted this here in your post without asking me (which I don´t mind at all too if the one who uses my rips does upload it for himself like you did) I thought it would be ok to use your pics in return.
a kind of quid pro quo deal so to say!

but while talking about SANGRALL: you don´t happen to have their GEMINI WARS demo?

r to the k said...

1 copy managed to make its way to Vinyl Solution, cause that's where I purchased my copy.

Awesome release by the way.

nick jitsu said...

Thanks so much for uploading this!

I bought one of the tapes at that show you mentioned but I have no idea where it went. I remember Swingset In June really impressing the hell out of me and was bummed to hear it was their last show.

John said...

is there anyway you could reup this somewhere. have had this tape for years but don't remember where i got it, as i was definitely not at that show. really excited to see there was a digital version.

smallawei said...







spun210 said...

Could you please re-post the link to the demo?