Wednesday, February 27, 2008

City Scum / Dirty Girls

The CITY SCUM 7" has finally seen the light of day on RICH BITCH RECORDS (Discreet Doll Band, Le Face, etc) in a one-time run of 600 records. No info on how long they existed or how many shows they played - but, like most great punk bands, I'm pretty sure they never made it much further than their local (Orange / Long Beach) bar-venues. CITY SCUM featured, among others, Phil White of the legendary Gods Iron Tooth (Southern California's all-time greatest stoner-doom Eyehategod worshippers) on vocals, and Shane (Discreet Doll Band, Gehenna-fill in) on drums and played great sloppy, dirty, KBD-style punk hardcore. I caught them once at Que Sera (Long Beach) around 2005.

(Warning: Shameless self-promotion)

Speaking of Phil, DIRTY GIRLS was his post-CITY SCUM band featuring Rusty (Le Shok, Treadwell), Andy (Street Trash, Reagan SS), Andrew (Street Trash, Ciril, Crystal Antlers), and Brandon (The Orphans, Ciril). Prime Directive (the makers of this blog) released "Murder Moutain" - a 4 song 7" of negative metallic hardcore ala Gehenna / Eyehategod / Discharge / Holy Terror bands (Integrity, Apt. 213). Ltd. to 500 and still available from REVELATION.
Although they're currently on an indefinite hiatus, I'm told the chance of future shows isn't completely out of the picture, but don't quote me on that...