Friday, May 2, 2008

Adamantium "Tradition" 7"

Originally slated for release on Tribute Productions (which released the Adamantium demo), the "Tradition" 7" somehow ended up in the hands of Prime Directive Records (myself) and Softcore Productions (Dom Macaluso of Throwdown's label) - for reasons that now escape me.

Adamantium was born out of the band Collapse who began in South (Orange) County with original Adamantium members Keith Barney (guitar), Matt Horwitz (drums), and Ian McKesson (bass). At a Christian Hardcore show in Temecula, CA (featuring Unashamed, Overcome, and Focal Point), they met Newport-Mesa's Aaron Stone who, later that day, auditioned to sing. After the release of the Collapse demo the band changed their name to Adamantium, and McKesson and 2nd guitarist Chris Dinicola left - being replaced by Sean Rosenthal and Alex Funderburk, respectively. Funderburk was eventually replaced by Aaron Lisi - creating the lineup that would record the "Tradition" 7".

After the locally well-received 3 song demo (as Adamantium), a handful of shows, and some shirts printed in Larry LeBrane's Orange Coast College screen-printing class (an OC punk institution!), the band went into For The Record Studios to record 7 songs with Paul Miner. 3 of those songs would end up on the "Tradition" 7" while the other 4 sat in the vaults until Indecision Records released them on the "Traditions" CD in 2005.

Neither Dom nor I had ever released a record, but we had the guidance of Bastille Records founders Jon and Gabe Bowne, along with an article in HeartattaCk detailing how to make a record (seriously). We mastered it somewhere in L.A., and pressed about 600 copies at Bill Smith. For the tan vinyl I sent a swatch of a pair of tan Dickies to the plant as a sample. Paul Miner did the cover layout while I designed the labels with a type-writer and some clippings of "Bat Boy" from the Weekly World News. I was away at college when the covers were printed so I don't have information re: card stock, etc. The entire product was finished and released in the Fall of 1997.

After the 7" record, they did two full lengths and a split with Bane - all on Indecision Records - along with a few compilation songs including a version of "Re-Ignition" on a Bad Brains Tribute compilation (with Jim Miner of Death By Stereo playing the solo). Life, other bands, and some internal disputes led to the departure of Rosenthal, Barney, and Horwitz before the 2nd full length (although a few of the songs on that record, including "Virus", were written with the original lineup). They were replaced by Jim Schwartz, Dan Sena, and Jarrod Alexander, respectively.

Prime Directive continues to release records, while Softcore Productions' only other release was the Throwdown demo. A Swingset In June CD was briefly discussed, but after their breakup it somehow ended up as a limited (200) cassette only release on Prime Directive.

Adamantium "Tradition" 7" Discography:
○ Test Press - 7 w/ different covers
○ B. Love Press - 10
○ Paul Miner Press - 20
○ Scotch Tape Press - 20
○ Softcore Press - 50
○ Cream Vinyl w/ regular cover - #d / 30
○ Tan Vinyl w/ regular cover - #d / 269
○ Black Vinyl w/ regular cover - the remainder

Youtube: Funeral of Silence (w/ later era lineup):

Interestingly, Mr. Horwitz, Mr. Barney, and Mr. Dinicola currently play in Love Thyne, thus putting 3/5 of Collapse back together.

I have not posted a download link because the entire 7" session is available on the above-mentioned "Traditions" CD on Indecision Records.

Flyers limited to 7" era and before:

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xjustinx said...

I remember ordering this 7" from you back then. I love Adamantium like crazy. Somehow during the course of my last move, I lost my batboy shirt that I mail ordered from you as well (my only guess is that my shitty ex threw it away). You should send me the original artwork, so I can print myself up a new one!